Tremors from Ankara to Istanbul! New earthquake on the other side of Turkey!

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On March 16, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck northwest Turkey.
The earthquake comes from the fault system of Northern Anatolia.
The epicenter was located at a depth of 10 km, 13 km from the city of Bolu.
The earthquake was strongly felt in the epicenter, especially in Bolu and Düzce.
The tremors were also felt throughout the region, including in the capital Ankara and Istanbul.
Earthquake waves are amplified by soil conditions.
Users shared messages on social media and residents fled their homes and workplaces.
Many townspeople waited a long time on the streets.
Schoolchildren were also evacuated.
A few hours later there was another aftershock.
Local authorities said there was no serious damage to the buildings.
Colere Divine
magnitude earthquake struck northwest Turkey.
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