New York effondrement du glacier boule de feu dans le ciel comme je l'ai annoncé

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What\'s going on in the world: natural disasters on our planet Earth.
Latest news about weather events and natural disasters.

Overview of weather events and natural phenomena around the world.
Flash flood after heavy rains in the Plovdiv region, Bulgaria.
Glacier collapse due to melting in Queulat National Park in southern Chile.
Flooding in Nepal caused river levels to rise and soil to erode along the banks. As a result, the houses were hanging over the abyss.
A fireball in the night sky over Indonesia was observed by local residents.
Flooding overwhelms the bed of a dry river in Biskra district, Algeria.
A powerful dust storm hit another state in northern Africa, Morocco.
Heavy hail in the heat of 40 ° C (104 ° F) fell in the UAE, in the emirate of Dubai.
A severe rain storm flooded the streets of New York City in the Bronx and Queens.
Heavy rains have caused the Muleje River to flood in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

On this channel you can see weather events and natural disasters such as:
1. Water: rain, hail, snowfall, flood, mudflow, tsunami, tide, heavy rain, snow, huge waves, river flood, dam flood, ice flood, snowfall.
2. Fire: fire, forest fire, volcanic lava, lightning.
3. Earth: earthquake, landslide, rockfall, failure.
4. Air: tornado, hurricane, wind, cyclone, storm, typhoon, sandstorm, tropical storm.
5. Space: lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, planetary parade, asteroid, comet, planet, satellite, meteorite, UFO, fireball in the sky, space debris, full moon, ISS, space exploration, Space X, NASA.
6. Nature: animals, insects, plants, climatic zones, natural phenomena and phenomena.

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