Angelina Jolie Admits to ‘Gruesome Illuminati Blood Rituals’

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Angelina Jolie admet avoir participé à « d’horribles rituels sanguinaires des Illuminati
It has long been claimed that Hollywood stars need to join the Illuminati to make it to the top of the entertainment industry, but few people outside of the Illuminati inner-circle truly understand what this means.

That has started to change as celebrities who have been subjected to the Illuminati system break down and leak inside information exposing the true inner workings of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

One example of this is a stunning video that surfaced in which Angelina Jolie reveals the true inner workings of Hollywood as she describes her experiences participating in “secret illuminati rituals.”

At times Angelina looks crazed and possessed while describing the experiences she had with the Illuminati secret society. She explains that she killed a snake as a sacrifice and was branded as part of the initiation ritual.

The video also reveals that Jolie had previously shown a recording of an Illuminati ritual to one of her friends, which left her friend truly disturbed.

Nothing has changed since Angelina Jolie was a young woman attempting to break into the entertainment industry. Megan Fox recently let slip that she also participates in gruesome Illuminati blood rituals.

What do young stars need to make it in Hollywood and the entertainment industry? Looks? Talent? Hard work? No. They have to sell their souls to the devil. And not figuratively. That’s EXACTLY what they do.

Let’s review the case of English pop star Charlie XCX for example. For years, Charli XCX had been working relentlessly to move up in the music industry. Since 2013, she released five albums to critical acclaim while winning industry trophies. However, despite her relative success, Charlie XCX still could not be called a “major pop star”.

So what was missing? She had yet to sell her soul to the devil and join the Illuminati.

That all changed last year and CharlieXCX suddenly shot to the top of the charts and became a “major pop star.”

In a rather blatant Instagram post, Charli wrote “tip for new artists: sell your soul for money and fame”. Along with this caption are symbolic pictures, including this satanic g-string.

In another post, Charli wrote “baby’s blood” with an emoji representing a martini glass – implying that this blood is being ingested. This is a reference to the occult elite’s favorite obsession: Consuming human blood and flesh.

Shortly before Halloween, Charli posted a pic depicting a satanic blood ritual. Because that’s what they actually do around this time of year.

The album art of Crash depicts Charli being “killed” in a car crash. The subtle one-eye sign created by her strategically placed hair indicates that this is all occult symbolism.

In a post celebrating her success, Charli posted a picture of her laying in a casket.

But is it worth it for these entertainment industry celebrities? We’ll let Charli’s own Instagram post answer that question.

The caption of this post is “tip for new artist: it only gets worse”. The high heels and the chain refer to the sexual slavery of industry pawns.
Angelina Jolie admet avoir participé à « d’horribles rituels sanguinaires des Illuminati
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